Budget Wah

So a couple of days ago I picked up a second-hand Wah pedal. The DF2210 Daphon Wah Wah Pedal are usually available on e-Bay for no more than €30 new. Made in China in a plastic enclosure, they are definitely on the budget-end of the market. I’m not a big wah user but for the price I reckoned it was worth a punt to have a go at modding it.

Removing the base reveals the guts of the pedal. I haven’t traced out the pcb yet, but my guess is that it’s a Cry Baby knock-off with cheaper components.

A couple of other observations:

While the switch isn’t wired for true bypass, it is a DPDT switch, but only one half of it is wired.

The 9V socket is non-standard (ie not Boss style).

So first up was the DPDT switch. As you can see in the photo above only three out of the six pins were used. So a very simple mod will make this pedal true-bypass. You can see a closer view of the switch below, after I had wired it for true-bypass.

Top row (l-r) is a black wire link; red input jack wire; yellow effect input.

Bottom row (l-r) black wire link; red output jack; green & brown effect output.

Next up was the 9v power jack. I removed the non-standard narrow jack (see first photo) and wired in a standard 9v jack. I kept the battery wiring in-tact to still give the option of running off battery power.

I removed the adhesive label from the front of the pedal, which revealed a couple of other pre-drilled holes. This saved me the hassle of drilling out the smaller hole as one of the other two holes took the 9v jack with just a little reaming from a penknife.While I was at it I swapped the input and output jacks as originally they were opposite to most other pedals and a little counter intuitive.

The last thing to do was to sort out the DPDT switch. The pedal was missing a rubber foot that sits above the switch and depresses it when you push your toe down on the pedal. From reading other reviewers it seems this missing rubber is pretty common. I just took one of the rubber feet from the corner of the pedal and popped it in above the switch.

Reassembled the pedal worked fine – so no soldering errors this time! As an effect it does a passable impression of a wah, although I have only played it through a headphone amp so far.

The next stage will be to examine the components on the pcb and look to what I might mod to improve the sound.

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4 Responses to Budget Wah

  1. Juan Carlos says:

    How you switched the input and output jacks? and how you wired the 9v input?

    • cormac74 says:

      Hi Juan. I just physically swapped the input and output jacks without changing the wiring. As you can see from the first photo they were originally the opposite to most modern pedals.
      With the power jack, again I wanted the more common Boss type power jack. It was only a matter of taking the wires from the original power jack and soldering them on to the new one.

  2. Juan Carlos says:

    Hi again! one more question. Have you already changed some of the components to imporve the sound?

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