Back in the saddle

Winter cycling – if anything sums up the attitude of putting on a coat and getting on with it then surely this is it. Or, at least putting on an extra pair of socks, and a few layers of lycra.

A couple of weeks ago a facebook post from my local cycling club caught my attention – a Group 4 Sunday morning spin, about 50Km or so, at a steady 23-25Km pace. Considering I had barely been on the bike all year, even missing the Sean Kelly tour in late summer, this seemd like a perfect opportunity to get back in the saddle, literally, and get out on a regular basis riding with a group.


As it happens I wasn’t the only one and by all accounts the club were delighted with the response, with over thirty riders turning up on the first day, and more since then.


That was mid-November, and last Sunday, saw the fourth outing of the newly formed Group 4. I didn’t make the group spin myself, but did manage to get out for a spin.


I don’t have any particular aims for next year, yet, but it feels good to tip away at staying fit over the winter months, rather than waiting for the weather and bright evenings to return.

I guess it gives me a head start on working off the impending Christmas binging.

Check out for further details.


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