Synth DIY build part 2 (brief)

A quick update before a more detailed post coming in the next few days.


After building, and populating, the front panel for the MFOS SoundLab I started populating the pcb.
Besides a few minor issues (I didn’t have every resistor value needed so had to combine a few) this went smoothly. I was still missing a couple of components, and with the arrival of summer the whole project was put on hold.

I started back in to it a couple of weeks ago, ordered the missing components, wired the panel, and wired the panel to the pcb.

I also built the wall-wart power supply, also from MFOS, which will provide my +/-12Vdc to power the module.

So, as of now this is the status of the project:
All the wiring is complete
After an initial test I’m able to provide power to the module (without it blowing up!)

To do:
A more comprehensive check on the unit. (Ray from MFOS has a very good check list for voltages you can measure across the pcb to ensure no shorts etc.)
Build an enclosure, probably from plywood.
Fit the matched transistors and tempco resistors (waiting on delivery of these).

Then, hopefully start making some noise.

Oh, and upload a more detailed blog post with the build steps and pictures.

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