Out and about

A quick round-up.

Isn’t it weird how, no matter how good the summer, we are more drawn to the outdoors in Autumn? Is it the sense that the clock is ticking? Winter is coming? Or is it just me?


Last week we had a wonderful hike up around Mahon Falls, in glorious autumnal sunshine.



I also got to bring my new toy out to the woods – a hammock.

I managed to hang it with relative ease. I got to try a few different configurations, and was able to take note of a few minor alterations – longer straps for one!



Of course, I don’t fancy giving it an overnight test at this time of the year before DIYing an underquilt (another winter project), but it was certainly comfortable enough that I was ready to doze off as the kids and dog tried to build a shelter near-by.




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2 Responses to Out and about

  1. Sher says:

    We’ll have to go hammocking together sometime. I’ve made an under quilt from an old water resistant sleeping bag but I wouldn’t fancy carrying it very far

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