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Synth DIY build part 2 (brief)

A quick update before a more detailed post coming in the next few days. After building, and populating, the front panel for the MFOS SoundLab I started populating the pcb. Besides a few minor issues (I didn’t have every resistor … Continue reading

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Synth DIY build part 1

This will be the first in a series of posts on my first Synth build. How many will be in that series? I’m not quite sure yet. I wouldn’t like to put a number on it as I really don’t … Continue reading

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Pretty in Pink

A quick picture-based post on spraying a guitar. The guitar in question is an ’89 Squier, in it’s original ‘Priest sock’ black Here’s the body with all the hardware removed. You can see my previous DIY shielding project. 80 grit … Continue reading

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Drive the Blues away

Next up for the clone kit treatment is the Blues Bro kit, again from MEK in Germany. The Blues Bro is based on the Boss Blues Driver kit, but a comparison of the two schematics shows that this one is … Continue reading

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Der Screamer…now with added Boost

In my previous post about Der Screamer I mentioned how I planned on adding a second drive pot and switch. I did this and it worked well enough, switching from a low to higher gain setting. For the next modification … Continue reading

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Der Screamer

I guess it might take a while for me to find my feet in this blog, but I envisage posts about family life, hobbies and anything else that captures my interest. This post falls under hobbies. While my guitar playing … Continue reading

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